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For these two grades, a slight increase of the first peak, related to the amount of diffusible hydrogen, is observed for both microstructures in case of annealing in 20% [H.
The cryomethods associated with X-ray microanalysis was successfully utilized to evaluate the intraionic concentration of diffusible ions in human monocytes exposed to bioactive glass particles or cultured in a conditioned medium containing dissolved bioactive glass particles.
From the beginning of incubation, there is obvious discoloring in diffusible metabolites (in volatile this is later noticeable), and a loss of sporulation.
The role of the diffusible factor released by the egg jelly in fertilization of the toad egg.
However, the VEGF120 mice have comparable numbers of Tbr2-positive cells indicating that the diffusible VEGF 120 isoform is sufficient to allow specification and survival of the intermediate progenitor population.
As the hydrogen diffusion rate in the ferritic steel is very fast, its concentration in the steel is determined by the rates of diffuse-in and -out of diffusible hydrogen.
Since problems with the metals result from the diffusible, or mobile, portion of hydrogen, researchers have separated it from the rest of the hydrogen content.
Because hydrogen is very light and easily diffusible, the inner liner and the tank connector components, such as O-rings, must be carefully engineered in order to prevent leaks.
The negative electric charge is ~ 10 mV at the inside of the red cell membrane forcing diffusible anions out.
4]*-) that are diffusible and radicals themselves to show their capability to oxidize the most abundant plasma protein (albumin) to protein radicals (Figure 1).
Putative diffusible factor(s), produced by cumulus cells (CCs) and/or by the cross talk between oocyte and CCs in the intact complex, played a key role in the acquisition of developmental competence of the denuded female gamete (Luciano et al.