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Diffusing these antibacterial, antiviral, healing oils is a great way to clean the air in your environment and protect yourself from the spread of disease.
Yet many morphogens tend to stick to cells, making it difficult to imagine the chemicals diffusing for any distance.
The ATR Pro mirrors natural rhythms by diffusing five active minutes of essential oil mist, followed by 25 minutes of rest and rejuvenation.
Eventually, those diffusing atoms strike a lattice step and become incorporated into the edge of that layer.
Processes that remove water and/or prevent it from diffusing into the silica matrix are required to produce LWPF.
As surreal as his paintings, periscope-like skylights project through the star-shaped sheet of water diffusing light into the space beneath.
Interactions among the reacting chemicals and the diffusing reaction products created well-defined regions of low acidity.
Moreover, since only the surface of the semiconductor wafer is heated during the process, a high percentage of the dopants become activated without diffusing, thus resulting in very shallow junctions.
That mismatch is a strong anatomical indication that substance P generally acts by diffusing away from its site of release.