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Fig 1 shows the two major processes sorption and diffusion that play main roles within the overall gas transport.
Few previous studies have found that the atypical/malignant meningiomas tend to be markedly hyperintense on diffusion weighted images (DWI) and exhibit markedly decreased value on apparent diffusion coefficient (ADC) imaging when compared with normal brain parenchyma, while the benign meningiomas have a variable appearance on diffusion weighted images and tend to have higher ADC values compared with normal brain.6,9,10 However these already conflicting results needs to be validated in our population, where tuberculomas are common confounders for the meningiomas and may give a similar appearance with caseous material simulating signals of calcification on screening MRI.
In addition, the gases must not escape into the environment, and the hydrogen must not come into direct contact with the oxygen, making it essential to securely seal the gas diffusion layer.
Additionally, it was shown by researchers that although anisotropic diffusion filter was successful for additive noise, it was not good enough for image degraded speckle noise [8].
Park and Berry (2014) defined PFP as 'a successful diffusion of a failed policy' and argued that the federal government adopted PFP based on the myth that it worked well in the private sector, with the assumption that performance enhancements leading to organizational effectiveness and efficiency could also be achieved in the public sector.
Amarizu stated, 'The Enugu state command of the Nigeria Police Force wishes to inform members of the public that its diffusion exercise conducted between 25th and 26th of April, 2018 in Enugu was successful and without an adverse report.
Diffusion-weighted imaging (DWI) utilizes diffusion signal attenuated due to the random microscopic motion of water molecules influenced by cell density, membrane integrity, tissue microstructure, perfusion and diffusion heterogeneity within the tissue (1).
In this paper, the changing of local composition of the [beta] matrix was performed by the diffusion annealing of the Ti-5.04Al/Ti-1.52Mo (at.%) diffusion couple.
Diffusion of gases in these catalysts has been published, i.e., in zeolite [5, 6, 8, 9] and in sulfated zirconia [1,3,10,11].
[5] observed that SFRC exhibited lower rates of chloride diffusion compared with plain concrete, although the reduction was generally small.
Axons are protected by myelin sheaths, which restricts the free diffusion of water molecules.
The Franz diffusion cell is one of the most accepted models for transdermal study [6-9].