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The diffusional resistance for the transfer of dissolved hydrogen to the bulk liquid phase and then to the catalyst surface can be ascertained by the level of turbulence in the liquid phase.
diffusional enthalpy flux) contains products of partial molar enthalpy and diffusional mass flux of each component in the mixture, and [{[partial derivative][[phi].
Inspection of Table 2 shows that reflective boundary diffusional character is closely associated with high Al:Zn ratios.
The basis of miniemulsion stabilization against diffusional instability is thermodynamics as described by the well-known expression for the partial molar Gibbs free energy of monomer contained in a droplet comprised of the monomer and a small amount of the water-insoluble costabilizer (13,14):
These two models represent chemical reaction as the rate controlling mechanisms with negligible diffusional mass transfer resistance within the porous solid.
The main equation that describes transport of elhanol through the membrane is Fick's law of diffusion which considers only diffusional mass transfer.
Diffusional exponents (n) and diffusion constant (k) are calculated and listed in Table 3.
the interfacial area for reaction is increased and the diffusional resistance is reduced by the smaller interparticle distances.
Reported studies of PA-doped polybenzimidazoles have left many unanswered questions about the nature of the hydrogen-bond network of the membrane and diffusional events.
where Q represents the drug released amount in time t, k is the rate constant and n is the diffusional exponent, indicative of drug release mechanism.
On the other hand, high mutual affinity between the solvent (NMP) and the nonsolvent (water) results in diffusional flow of NMP and water molecules (the solvent and nonsolvent exchange) at several points of the film's top layer and the sublayer, which subsequently terminates to the formation of nuclei of a polymer-poor phase.