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The composition of the intervascular barrier of mouse placenta is different from that of the human placenta and estimates of diffusive conductance have been confined to the barrier itself rather than the placenta as a whole (Coan et al.
High uptake rate radial diffusive sampler suitable for both solvent and thermal desorption.
Benthic microalgae exchange gases with the water column by molecular diffusion through the diffusive boundary layer (DBL) generating steep gradients in dissolved oxygen and pH within a few mm of their growing surface (e.
gracilis is using closure behavior as a means of exerting control over the rate of diffusive ion loss and osmotic water onload.
Improved function in burn patient, using, volumetric diffusive respiration.
However, if being is intrinsically diffusive, we cannot see people as self-sufficient, autonomous beings choosing whether they want to relate to others.
Performing the diffusion test by direct measurement of diffusive flow, it can cut 50% off test time compared to competitive instruments.
Even though the diffusive motion of Q and QH2 across the membrane's lipid zone in either direction is not monotonic but rather random, jerky, sometimes forward and sometimes backward, the average effect is a concerted cycle of Q moving inward and QH2 moving outward carrying a directed flux of both electrons and protons.
Ethylene oxide is highly diffusive and can permeate many materials.
We have taken a more diffusive approach to the complex subject.
However, it has been noted that some diffusive flavors (i.