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c]: the existence of such a mechanism plainly extrapolates to the superconducting state the eq (4), which is thus generalized despite the link between [sigma] and D is usually associated to a diffusive mechanism only.
Now let us turn to Aquinas's principle that the good is diffusive of self.
Diffusive ceiling ventilation system was adopted to minimize the interference of room air distribution systems.
In other words, if Cather shows us the ethical desirability of smoothness in that it beckons a light, fleeting touch from the subject, she also shows us that such a touch (literal or figurative) is nonetheless a moment of contact between self and other, reader and text, that is both diffusive and potentially damaging and thus is deserving of our close attention.
Main problem has been solved in the work: it presents a complex study of impact of individual factors length of diffusive samplers, impregnation ground, absorbing solution, ambient temperature and humidity.
2-6) EU Annex 1, paragraph 113, however, states: "The integrity of the sterilized filter should be verified before use and should be confirmed immediately after use by an appropriate method such as bubble point, diffusive flow or pressure hold test.
Assuming that the temperature and concentration gradients are small, the diffusive heat and mass fluxes q and j are given by De Groot and Mazur (1969):
Each country and, especially, the biggest ones of the hemisphere--the USA, Mexico, and Brazil--apply a diffusive endogamy, in other words, they produce studies referred to their reality that later expand according to an upscale market.
If soil gas transport is diffusive, why is the permeability tested on site?
There was a diffusive fear during that period; people always felt guilty about something, observed; there was a loss of life.
The interface layer model was based on assuming lower clean and upper contaminated nondiffusive zones, each at constant concentration and separated by an interfaced layer with constant diffusive concentration gradient; the validity was proved through an experiment.