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Induced diffusive flux rates of peptides over time in soil after addition of a standard solution of peptides (100 [micro]mol [L.sup.-1] of each compound) to (a) agricultural soil and (b) forest soil.
The local Lax-Friedrich flux is used to approximate the inviscid fluxes and the central flux without penalty for diffusive fluxes [16].
where [C.sub.u] is the ambient concentration, [micro]g x [m.sup.-3]; md is the mass of desorbed analyte, [micro]g; [m.sub.b] is the blank of analyte, [micro]g; SR is the diffusive uptake rate, ml/min; and t is the exposure time.
For preparation of polyacrylamide diffusive gels (APA), 10 [micro]L TEMED, and 28 [micro]L ammonium peroxydisulfate solutions were added to 4 mL gel solution.
On the other hand, at early times t [right arrow] 0 the mean squared <[x.sup.2]> ~ 2Dt (diffusive behavior or [beta](0) = 1), while at late times t [right arrow] [infinity]<[x.sup.2]> [right arrow] D/[theta](or [beta](t) [right arrow] 0).
Caption: Figure 6: Water stable isotope composition of samples from advective displacement, diffusive exchange, and pore water squeezing from samples of Opalinus Clay (OPA) and Brown Dogger (BD).
Dunbar, "Traveling waves in diffusive predator-prey equations: periodic orbits and point-to-periodic heteroclinic orbits," SIAM Journal on Applied Mathematics, vol.
Hence, quantifying the discrepancy between these two thresholds makes it possible to provide an assessment of the suitability of linear theory to predict the de-stabilisation of the double diffusive convection.
Here, the impact of the diffusive particle collection is fading out while the impact of the interceptive particle collection is slowly gaining significance.
The incoming solar radiation (SR) under plastic anti-UV + thermo-reflective screen (EI) and diffusive plastic (EII) were lower than the data obtained in outside environment (Eout) for all experimental years due to the reflection and absorption processes by the plastic coverings.
Diffusive drying was observed at the end of the sample and is immediately apparent on Day 1.
The temperature of deep waters can be expected to return to normal values in this layer over the course of time (February-April) due to molecular diffusion (Aiken, 2012) and double diffusive layering process (Perez-Santos et al., 2013, 2014).