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Assembly of Kentucky which are now in force: arranged and digested
A waste to energy company is raising a manure based biogas plant in Landhi Karachi to produce digested manure (digest-ate) for use as organic fertilizer says an ad in Dawn.
A protein sample (10-100 [micro]g) is applied to the Spin Column, where it is digested with great efficiency and specificity.
Alligators with a working valve digested the tough meal quicker.
Alligators with intact circulatory systems digested the bone more rapidly than did animals that couldn't shunt blood, Farmer reported last week at an American Physiological Society meeting in Virginia Beach, Va.
Instead of complete digestion, the food in the digestive tract stagnates and putrefies, and is absorbed into the bloodstream partially digested only to activate the immune system, causing food sensitivities and allergies.
When it's removed, you no longer have a way of regulating bile flow, and fatty substances are often unable to be digested. This is why oil-based supplements give you indigestion.
The digested DNA was then separated from the gel and the new insert DNA was placed into the backbone plasmid using ligase.