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Our previous studies of the impact of heavy metals ions on microorganism communities of fish digestive tract demonstrated the reliance of the changes on the composition of heavy metals or their mixtures, their concentration or exposure time (Syvokiene, Mickeniene 1999a, b; Mickeniene, Syvokiene 2001; Mickeniene et al.
The hypothesis of this investigation was that moose show diminishing nitrogen (N) concentrations from rumen to rectum, and conversely, higher proportion of NDF towards the rear of the digestive tract due to digestion and absorption in the intestine.
IQ = Intestinal Quotient (Intestine length/total length); HSI = Hepatosomatic Index [(liver weight/body weight) x 100]; DSI = Digestive Somatic Index [(digestive tract weight/body weight) x 100]; DL/FW = Digestive tract Length/ Fish Weight; DL/DW = Digestive tract Length/Digestive tract Weight; VH = Vilosity Height; IAQ = Intestinal Area Quotient (Intestinal Area/Body Weight); ITW/IA = Intestinal Total Weight/Intestinal Area.
Isolated fibers added to foods can appear as "wheat fiber" or "oat hull fiber" on the ingredient list, which are insoluble fibers that can provide digestive tract benefits without the heart-health benefits.
Researchers looked at bacteria in the digestive tracts of 36 babies, 18 of which had colic.
Among other relatively common disorders of the digestive tract, Dr.
This is a mixture of digestive herbs, minerals that reduce sugar cravings, digestive enzymes and medicinal mushrooms to strengthen the digestive tract, and botanicals that enhance the proper downward movement of digestive energy.
Clinically proven to survive passage through the digestive tract, LGG has been shown to positively influence the balance of "friendly" bacteria in the digestive tract.
Evis Lucera - a digestive tract video scope used for observing of blood vessels in mucous membranes under infrared light.
Speeding up transit time "can lead to a reduction in the quantity of gas present in the digestive tract and a reduction of the bloating sensation in healthy individuals," says Miguel Freitas, Dannon's scientific affairs manager.
Latest research commissioned by Yakult has found that a third of the UK population regularly suffers from a range of digestive illnesses, from constipation and stomach ache to Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) and cancers of the digestive tract ( an illness which accounts for 23% of cancer deaths in the UK, the highest rate of mortality of any cancer.
Instead of complete digestion, the food in the digestive tract stagnates and putrefies, and is absorbed into the bloodstream partially digested only to activate the immune system, causing food sensitivities and allergies.