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Moreover, due to pollution of aquatic ecosystems, separate species of autochthonous bacterial flora or even functional groups of bacteria in the digestive tract of aquatic species can be eliminated (Sugita et al.
Due to differences in body weights and total digestive tract content weights among the four bird species (Worthington 1984:61), actual weights of seed genera consumed were not compared among the bird species.
This high protein content could be broken down by proteolytic enzymes in the digestive tract of abalone, even though abalone are considered to be herbivorous animals that feed on mainly macroalgae, which are richer in carbohydrates.
Digestibility is critical in evaluating food utilization by herbivores because it accounts for both passage time of food in the digestive tract and nutritional benefit from forage (Clauss et al.
Summary: TEHRAN (FNA)- Infants are more efficient at digesting and utilizing nutritional components of milk than adults due to a difference in the strains of bacteria that dominate their digestive tracts.
The lower end of the middle-aged man's digestive tract, right in front of the TV cameras.
This is a mixture of digestive herbs, minerals that reduce sugar cravings, digestive enzymes and medicinal mushrooms to strengthen the digestive tract, and botanicals that enhance the proper downward movement of digestive energy.
Diseases and conditions of the digestive tract are one of the nation's biggest causes of death," says Alison Hesketh, director of the Digestive Disorders Foundation.
The findings suggest that patients with reflux laryngitis lack a certain amount of protective effect that saliva normally provides to the digestive tract via elements like EGF and bicarbonate.
Neuropathy can affect nerves throughout the body, causing numbness and sometimes pain in the hands, arms, feet, or legs, and problems with the digestive tract, heart, and sex organs.
Scientists discovered that high doses of folic acid found in abundant doses in green leafy vegetables can postpone cancers of the digestive tract.
For a 1999 piece, Building 4 (soap factory), Kennedy used a tiny video camera, designed to enable examination of the digestive tract, to explore the cracks, crevices, and dusty corners of an aging building.