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These digital certificates, however, can be used to legally bind someone in an agreement--quickly and electronically.
One of the biggest challenges for organizations attempting to leverage PKI for e-business operations is digital certificate management," said Andrew Braunberg, a senior analyst at Current Analysis.
Having a key business application stop due to an expired or misconfigured digital certificate is unacceptable, but it's happening for many organizations today.
Leading the market in digital certificate technology, XRamp was the first Certificate Authority to offer 256 bit SSL certificates, the strongest encryption available to the general public.
Providing high-quality digital certificates for any organization requiring secure communications, XRamp caters to businesses large and small and differentiates itself from the competition by adding value through extraordinary customer service before and after the purchase.
Based on the open standard Online Certificate Status Protocol (OCSP, RFC 2560), the Validation Authority allows applications to validate the status of a digital certificate in real time, ensuring that revoked credentials cannot be used for secure email, smart card login, web access, wireless, VPN or other electronic transactions.
We are honored to have been selected by DoD PKI PMO to provide digital certificate validation.
Venafi provides digital certificate management solutions that enable Fortune 1000 companies and government institutions to securely scale business operations, reduce costs, prevent downtime, and improve regulatory compliance.
The partnership assures interoperability between the companies' solutions and enables VeriSign customers to extend the management of digital certificates to all of their platforms and certificates.
Digital certificates provide the security necessary in e-business transactions to protect companies against fraud and internet eavesdropping through non-repudiation, digital encryption and identity verification.
Digital certificates will be made available to RosettaNet Partners through the RosettaNet website at www.
Existing generic certificate authorities simply can't meet the regulatory requirements a wholesale distributor faces before it can be granted the digital certificates it needs to sign pedigrees," said SupplyScape CEO and President Shabbir Dahod.

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