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The age group that uses the internet most and is most likely to take a digital detox is 16-24 year-olds: the generation dubbed the millennials.
During camp sessions, does your camp promote focusing on digital detox, or on becoming savvy with digital tools (or both)?
And teaming up with friends for a digital detox can prove more effective than trying to switch off by yourself.
Live Well - de-cluttering your surroundings, a Digital Detox after 9pm every night, sleeping seven to eight hours a night and taking 20-minutes a day to 'brain nap'.
You can deal with the situation by denying there's a problem, as some pundits like to do; or you can take draconian measures, quitting social media for ever, or going on digital detox retreats.
If you value the art of conversation and want a better memory, consider a digital detox.
Many destinations in New Zealand will give you an automatic digital detox whether you want it or not.
A digital detox is a dedicated time each day where we disconnect from technology and indulge in the stillness that follows.
CLICK LICK START your healthy new your healthy new year's resolutions by rounding year's resolutions by rounding up your mates, going online up your mates, going online and signing up to a digital and signing up to a digital detox.
This has given rise to digital detox travel getaways, DIY hobbies and an increase in the sales of vinyl records and cassette tapes.
Digital detox is also on the up: The World Travel Market Global Trends Report listed digital detox as one of the next big trends to hit the hospitality industry in 2014.

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