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In this respect, the weight given fish divagations in Salon de belleza is clearly not the same as that given the digressions in Damas, especially the one involving the boy and the doctor, which is so aggressive it takes over the narrative and, not incidentally, inspires one to ask: if the digression consists of the boy speaking to the doctor who killed his son, then who says at the end of it that the boy, who was walking with his father, "comenzo a hablar"?
a) Herodotus' narrative as comparative material with Thucydides' digression. Scholars usually restrict themselves to the paragraphs 55-65 of the fifth book of Herodotus as a basis of comparison with Thucydides.
In doing so, the forty-ninth digression transforms from absurdity to profundity.
Whilst the motivation for Socrates' digression has its roots in the discussion on the expanded form of the Protagorean Measure Doctrine (hereafter called [EPD]) between 166a-171c,1 I contend that the digression does not directly address [EPD]; rather, I argue that the immediate motivation for the digression occurs during the 'New Formulation' (2) between 171d-172b.
Perry highlights the importance of the passages that interrupt the sequence by calling attention to the way rhetoricians used digressions in their speeches.
La deuxieme partie de l'etude se concentre d'abord sur la parenthese, au singulier et donc au sens de digression, du point de vue narratologique et de celui du lecteur.
Rab Wilson, the Burns Writing Fellow for Dumfries and Galloway Arts Association, has found a striking similarity between a passage in Burns' "Tam O' Shanter", known as Augustan Digression, and Edmund Bolton's "A Palinode", reports The Scotsman.
Balzac et la digression. Saint-Cyr-sur-Loire : Christian Pirot Editeur, 2004.
Kate Ashbrook, of the Open Spaces Society, said: "If this route were to be closed, people would be forced to walk 10 times the distance; a huge digression." Objections must be in by Thursday, April 16..
All in all, this is a cracking digression for Sonic and friends, and is definitely well worth a look.
Parmi les caracteristiques feminines de la narration, Didier releva la justification et les frequentes digressions. La digression constiture en effet dans La Vie de Marianne un instrument structural a deux egards.
Their response, in each case, was to turn to digression, a mode that Cotterill identifies with feminine figures "who through associations with death, melancholy, or sacrifice, receive and absorb the poet's fears of weakness and marginality" (14).