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As Sandra Peterson says of the digression of the Theaetetus, as annoying as it may be, its "pointlessness has a point" (59).
a) Herodotus' narrative as comparative material with Thucydides' digression.
This year, the publishers continue the experimentation with Two or Three Years Later: Forty-Nine Digressions, a surrealist collection from Ror Wolf.
Whilst the motivation for Socrates' digression has its roots in the discussion on the expanded form of the Protagorean Measure Doctrine (hereafter called [EPD]) between 166a-171c,1 I contend that the digression does not directly address [EPD]; rather, I argue that the immediate motivation for the digression occurs during the 'New Formulation' (2) between 171d-172b.
For non-specialists his conclusions are also significant, since he convincingly shows how one digression creates confidence in God's grace by interrupting the seemingly inexorable movement toward judgment (7:1-17), and the other helps move the readers from passivity to active engagement as God's witnesses (10:1--11:13).
L'auteur parle alors de "brouillage" et de "va-et-vient" car la distinction entre I recit lui-meme et la parenthese ou la digression n'est jamais facile a etablir chez Proust.
And Augustan Digression in "Tam O' Shanter" consists of the lines:
Est digressif, avant tout, un passage qui se designe comme tel--<< la digression s'affiche : le narrateur exhibe l'acte de debrayer de l'histoire >>.
La digression constiture en effet dans La Vie de Marianne un instrument structural a deux egards.
Their response, in each case, was to turn to digression, a mode that Cotterill identifies with feminine figures "who through associations with death, melancholy, or sacrifice, receive and absorb the poet's fears of weakness and marginality" (14).
AS THE racing world prepares for the return of the Derby favourite at York this afternoon, permit us a little digression from the subject of today's Dante Stakes and its impact on ante-post betting, writes David Carr.
McMorran's concluding reflection on the role of the railway station bar in Calvino suggests nevertheless a recent return to the modes of digression on which this study focuses, and the role of such 'non-places' in postmodern narrative digression merits further exploration.