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770 Excerpt from the profit and loss accountof the fiscal year (2014) Elements Linear amortization Digressive amortization Turnover 615.
All three standards, ISO 8980-1 and 2, which are the specifications for uncut finished single vision and multifocal lenses and for progressive power and digressive power lenses respectively, and ISO 21987 on mounted lenses, are currently being revised.
The section of The Sympathizer that will occasion the most talk is a digressive yet brilliant parody of [the making of] Francis Ford Coppola's Apocalypse Now.
Throughout the day Mahfouz repeatedly accused Scott of manipulating his statements while Scott grew frustrated by Mahfouz's lengthy and often digressive answers.
The book is smart, witty, conversational, digressive, and anecdote-driven.
He noted that the docu presents insights not only on "a longneglected movie star but also on the nation's Second Golden Age of cinema a winding, digressive road.
There is interest on every page with comical black and white drawings, digressive comics such as the Were-Beast Animal Shifters, as well as the flip-book morphing boy and dragon in Book One and the moving chicken in Book Two.
These digressive moments in the film are always interrupted by a welcome action sequence and there are some truly spectacular moments in this film.
Memory trumps form" (279)--and, though such a style produces digressive anecdotes and "redundancies," the memoir also "demonstrates how different times in our lives coexist in our minds" (278).
All this is told in a manic, digressive style reminiscent of Thomas Bernhard's compulsive screeds.
After the latest round of talks, SPD members complained about his digressive lectures.
An earnest but incredibly slow-moving, digressive and frequently implausible attempt to show ordinary people struggling with the everyday hardships of work and family, Kim's third feature lacks the sharply drawn characters and social insights a director like Japan's Hirokazu Kore-eda brings to his own similarly themed multigenerational ensemblers.