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The allusion to Hermes, the cunning messenger who gives his name to hermeneutics, foreshadows the serpentine line's associations not just with digressive writing, but also with circuitous interpretation.
Ross Chambers's and Marc Eli Blanchard's respective theories about digressive texts and "unbound" descriptive elements in a narrative offer invaluable insights about how to approach a text that is not necessarily regulated by the forward-moving lockstep of plot; these authors elucidate that the viewer must complicate her understanding of the connection between the flashbacks and the present narration.
The reader should be disabused of any presumption that an excursus is digressive.
This film is not digressive, and is a realistic take on modern relationships.
David Gordon White's Sinister Yogis is brilliant, digressive, non-linear, and likely to be criticized by readers who find fault with specific interpretive and translational choices that he makes.
One might have wished for a fuller exploration of Elliot's gayness--the kiss appears to have been a coming-out moment vis-a-vis his hometown--but maybe that would have opened a digressive can of worms.
CAML's featured keynote address was delivered by Mark Miller, who presented a digressive review of thirty-five years of jazz journalism.
They can easily detect long-winded, digressive discussions that have little relevance to the success of the candidate and the organization.
A handful of Shakespearean scenes are mulled over in chapter after chapter, producing a repetitiousness interlarded with meditations on comic theory, modern jokes, and comic performance, many of them interesting but digressive.
This is the reason I prefer the earlier life-stories to the later ones where Bolano is more expansive and sometimes digressive.
There's a great range of topic and style: straightforward and heart wrenching, inventive and flip, meandering and digressive.
Digressive discounts are available on all calls, even to international numbers, after the second minute, which will allow customers to enjoy the freedom of low-cost longer calls.