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For surveying purposes, the designation given to a particular location formed by the intersection of two boundary lines of real property.

The process by which a group of investors or dealers in a particular commodity exploit its market by purchasing it in large quantities and removing it from general sale for a time, thereby dramatically increasing its market price because its limited supply is greatly exceeded by the demand for it. The condition created when a commitment is made to sell at a special time of delivery in the future, a much greater quantity of a commodity than is available in the present market.

This type of commitment is known as a futures contract. Frequently, neither buyer nor seller expects actual delivery of the goods. They are solely speculating on the difference between the contract price and market price on a particular date. The market price is affected by various economic factors. When a corner is created, the demand for the commodity far exceeds its supply, thereby driving up market prices. On the date of delivery, therefore, the market price will exceed the contract price if no additional quantities can be delivered by persons other than the seller who has "cornered" the market. The buyer must then pay the seller, who had a corner on the specified commodity, the amount by which the market price exceeds the contract price. If, however, additional quantities of the commodity are available in the market, the seller incurs financial losses because the market price will be less than the contract price at which the market was "cornered."

The Commodity Futures Trading Commission is the federal regulatory agency charged with the administration of the Commodity Exchange Act (7 U.S.C.A. § 1 et seq.), which is designed to protect all commodity investors from manipulative practices that hinder the free flow of commerce. Anyone who deliberately exploits the commodities market to create a corner may be prosecuted under federal law for commission of a felony, punishable by a fine of not more than $500,000 or imprisonment of not more than five years, or both, plus the costs of prosecution.

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Figure 3: Evaluating the performance of dihedral angle parameter values using 190 types of chemical compound structures
The surface, dihedral, and volume scattering components are obtained directly from a scattering coherent matrix [33].
The dihedral angle between the PLP pyridine ring and Schiff-base linkage bond with Lys216 (internal dihedral angle) in the ToCDS GD structure got wider than that in the ToCDS NAT structure by almost 20[degrees] (Figure 6 and Table 2).
The definition says that any prime p to the power 1 + 2n, that is, [p.sup.1+2n], sustains the twofold properties: (i) Heisenberg group and semidirect product of cyclic group order and/or (ii) dihedral order 8 and quaternion group.
It can be seen from the results that when scattering angle varies from [[theta].sub.s] = 0[degrees] to [[theta].sub.s] = 90[degrees], scattering from both ship and coupling interaction preponderate in the total scattered field because of dihedral reflectors on the ship and dihedral reflectors formed by flank of the ship and the sea surface.
Statistical surveys of peptide bond geometrical parameters (bond and dihedral angles) were performed on ensembles of protein structures reported in the PDB (release of March 2016).
A Coxeter polytope is a convex polytope of [X.sup.d] such that any dihedral angle is of the form [pi]/k with k not necessarily constant.
Such k has a [Z.sub.p]-extension K/k which is a limit of dihedral extensions of [k.sup.+], and every prime is inert in k/[k.sup.+] decomposes completely in K/k ([Iwa73]).
The intricately designed dihedral doors, a McLaren design signature since the iconic F1, possess a three dimensional form including a EeAaefloatingEe' door tendon which houses a discreet door button.
In flight, bald eagles soar on flat wings while golden eagles hold their wings in a slightly upward angle (called dihedral).
Light, buoyant feel of dihedral, full-carbon blade makes chasing fish, even over the longest days, feel effortless.