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DILAPIDATION. Literally, this signifies the injury done to a building by taking stones from it; but in its figurative, which is also its technical sense, it means the waste committed or permitted upon a building.

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GThe cost of dilapidations is often an after thought; once a decision has been made to terminate a lease.
We have seen considerable growth over the last 12 months as the industrial market has improved leading to greater demand for our dilapidation services.
PROPERTY lawyers at Irwin Mitchell are predicting a significant rise in the number of dilapidation disputes across the North West.
But private contractor once again deceived the government and used sub-standard material and asphalt in said road's restructuring that resulted dilapidation of this road again right after few months of repair.
However, irrigation has remained one of our gravest sores bearing in mind the climate change and the dilapidation of our irrigation systems," Prime Minister Nikola Gruevski said.
The site is in an advanced state of dilapidation with all the security fencing down.
Ce compte, selon ces elus, est emaille de moult dysfonctionnements, dilapidation de deniers publics et gestion frauduleuse.
He specialises in project management, development appraisals and monitoring, asset management, acquisition surveys and dilapidation work.
Its clients can now tap into additional expertise in commercial property valuations, dilapidation reports and portfolio management from the newly-expanded team.
Le patrimoine religieux et culturel fait l'objet d'actes criminels graves de destruction et, parfois, de dilapidation dans les pays en situation de conflit ou de lutte contre le terrorisme", a indique M.
La Cour penale du Caire a emis hier un verdict de prison a perpetuite contre l'ancien ministre des Finances Youssef Boutros-Ghali, pour dilapidation des fonds publics et falsification de documents officiels.
It is a belief that if ICI had still been here the town centre would not have reached the stage of dilapidation it did and the Forum would not have been threatened.