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DILAPIDATION. Literally, this signifies the injury done to a building by taking stones from it; but in its figurative, which is also its technical sense, it means the waste committed or permitted upon a building.

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We have seen considerable growth over the last 12 months as the industrial market has improved leading to greater demand for our dilapidation services.
The issue of dilapidations relates to the obligation that tenants face at the end of the lease.
At this point, the consequences of the short-term dilapidation of collective capital can be seen more clearly.
A 10-building, 548-unit rental complex in the Bronx may have found a buyer, after falling into foreclosure and dilapidation last year, according to Crain's.
According to Quinn, the current dilapidation of Irish schools stands in marked contrast to the situation a century ago.
Stern said that he had to structure the project's financing with seven different lenders because of the trepidation many felt providing a loan in a city whose reputation for social discord and dilapidation still compete with the image of change that Newark's politicians and supporters have sought to cultivate.
The appearances by which the viewer is invited to judge are initially the dilapidation of public space, the extent of visible poverty, the absence of UK branded products in the shops and on the roads, and England's cultural conservatism.
The English city of Liverpool is transforming the image it once had of dilapidation and decay.
So I'm thinking that maybe if this medicine takes my disease's mind off of my nerves, that instead of my brain trying to adapt to the daily dilapidation of bodily functions, it will have a chance to find different work.
And he recognizes that, notwithstanding the paucity of evidence showing environmental inequities, many minority and poor communities live amid noise, odors, filth, congestion, dilapidation - in short, the conditions associated with poverty.
As for the actual desks, they merited discard, a dilapidation easily discernible in the sepia cover-photograph of the magazine's tenth-anniversary issue.