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At the same time, to show the influence of STTP on GIC dilatability, a series of referenced [EG.sub.0] of [EG.sub.0,50], [EG.sub.0,80], and [EG.sub.0,100] were prepared.
Combined with the current highway roadbed specification, high speed weathered rock packing belongs to Micro dilatability packing, and is sensitive to water.
Also sportive activities are able to facilitate the repultion of sodium from kidneys and consequently cause the decrease of liquid content and blood pressure(31)It seems that sportive activities are able to decrease the blood pressure by increasing the number of arterioles in active skeletal muscles, exhalent increase, decrease of because of dilatability, resistance decrease against the blood flow, the improvement of bloody vessel neural regulation, decrease of environmental resistance, decrease of heart beat in activity and relaxation time [32]