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Moss (1991) contended that the crusting process is similar for most soil types and that under raindrop impact a particular silt subfraction (10-50 [micro]m) forms a dilatant, compact layer that inhibits infiltrability.
The Organullo project offers excellent drill-ready targets with a focus on delineating both large bulk tonnage potential as well as higher grade zones in dilatant structures.
In all samples the dilatant behavior during shearing process is observed, indicating the dense and compacted nature of the samples.
The exposure of a surface flaw under stress will allow dilatant stress induced swelling resulting in the flaw tip to exhibit a greatly decreased [T.
The mafic volcanic units could act as a possible copper source and provide mechanical contrasts to localize creation of dilatant trap sites during regional deformation.
A physically consistent derivation of the governing mathematical model of dilatant granular materials is given by Giovine and Oliveri [1].
In particular, the well-known Ostwald-de Waele power law model has been extensively used in both industry and research to represent the rheological behaviour of dilatant and pseudo-plastic fluids.
The power law index, n, indicates whether a fluid is Newtonian, pseudoplastic (shear thinning) or dilatant (shear thickening) in nature.
In other words, the presence of a flaw magnifies the applied stress to a degree that the dilatant stress at the flaw tip is high enough to transform a weakly welling agent to a strong one and consequently the glassy material is transformed into rubbery material.