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Generation of AE starts at a level of dilatant strain of the sample, where the dilatant strain deviates from the linear trend, and increases until the sample failure takes place.
Moss (1991) contended that the crusting process is similar for most soil types and that under raindrop impact a particular silt subfraction (10-50 [micro]m) forms a dilatant, compact layer that inhibits infiltrability.
Using graphs and rheograms, he described flow behaviors such as Newtonian, pseudoplastic, dilatant, shear thinning, and shear thickening.
His contributions include the dilatant double shearing model originally proposed in 1978, and micromechanica] descriptions of fabric evolution and constitutive equations for granular material behavior, and initial rearrangement of particles in liquid phase sintering of powders.
Dilatant flow is where viscosity increases with increasing shear.
Maintains fluid motion of extremely thixotropic and dilatant products.
Nam aliqui se dilatant per canones et leges, que omnia sunt impertinencia predicatori euangelico et multum uana ad allegandum.
Aussi, quand tous les genres litteraires voient leur variete restreinte par leur nature meme, de telle facon qu'ils ne peuvent trop se modifier sans perdre jusqu'a leur appparence et leur nom, la nature du roman l'incite au contraire a s'engager dans des voies toujours neuves, a se tranformer sans cesse, se dilatant ou se resserrant, docile en toute chose au caprice de l'ecrivain.
Two nearly vertically dipping and northwest-trending zones of dilatant quartz veins ("shear zones" in previous literature) cut the Inklin rocks.
A few food products, notably peanut butter, are dilatant, where viscosity increases with shear rate.