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An experience with polyethylene balloonfor pneumatic dilatation in achalasia.
Therapy and clinical progress of cattle with dilatation and torsion of the cecum.
The company's Sapphire II Pro, which is specifically engineered for crossing the most difficult lesions and tracking tortuous anatomy, is tailored for successful dilatation. Its well-balanced sub-zero tapered tip has an ultra-low profile, providing effortless entry through the tightest lesions.
Stenting was performed in 2 (5.1%) patients: one following acid ingestion with failure to maintain a lumen by dilatation, and the other in an HIV-infected child with a presumed vasculopathy following perforation during dilatation.
However, by being bijection an dilatation [delta] of an affine plane, the his inverse [[delta].sup.-1] is also bijection.
Crawford and Roldan observed that aortic root dilatation is common in AS irrespective of severity.
Groups 1 and 2 did not differ significantly in terms of hyperplasia, edema, vascular dilatation, or leukocytic infiltration (p > 0.008).
The objective of the study is to assess whether HBB effectively hastens the cervical dilatation and effacement leading to reduction in duration of active phase of first stage of labour and prevents prolonged labour.
Earlier studies suggested that repeated urethrotomy for recurrent urethral strictures may serve to 'stabilize' the stricture, thereby increasing the cumulative success rate.8,9 However, since the early 1980s some authors have reported that a second urethrotomy had a lower success rate and that repeated urethrotomy did not improve the cumulative success rate.10,11 Simple blind dilatation of a urethral stricture to disrupt and widen the scarred area has been practiced for many centuries.11 Metal, gum elastic, or plastic rods of increasing diameter are sequentially passed down the lubricated urethra until an adequate lumen, usually about 8 mm in diameter, is achieved.12 Self catheterization has been popularized to reduce the risk of recurrence of urethral stricture after urethrotomy.
In treatment, the first-line therapy is dilatation with a balloon or bougie.
This tendency indicates the strengthening of compressibility and dilatation of the distorted flame zone behind the reflected shock wave, and the compressibility characteristic becomes more obvious.
This injury can occur when tissue is exposed to lack of blood flow due to a blocked artery (ischaemia) and subsequently reperfused when the artery is opened using balloon dilatation with stent implantation or blood clot dissolving drugs.