dilate upon

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I will not dilate upon the feelings with which I left the old house, the well-known garden, the little village church--then doubly dear to me, because my father, who, for thirty years, had taught and prayed within its walls, lay slumbering now beneath its flags--and the old bare hills, delightful in their very desolation, with the narrow vales between, smiling in green wood and sparkling water--the house where I was born, the scene of all my early associations, the place where throughout life my earthly affections had been centred;--and left them to return no more!
I need not dilate upon the feelings with which I approached the shrine of my former divinity - that spot teeming with a thousand delightful recollections and glorious dreams - all darkened now by one disastrous truth
Kory-Kory, I mean thee no harm in what I say in regard to thy outward adornings; but they were a little curious to my unaccustomed sight, and therefore I dilate upon them.
Now, you know the pains and penalties you are liable to, and so I need not dilate upon them, but I have a proposal to make to you.
I might here - if it so pleased me - dilate upon the matter of habiliment, and other mere circumstances of the external metaphysician.
The Federal Minister said, "I would like to dilate upon the happiness in post toward the development of sports in the country.
He will also call on top political and military hierarchy including President Maithripala Sirisena and Prime Minister Ranil Wickremasinghe in order to discuss and dilate upon issues of regional security and matters pertaining to mutual interest.
According to ISPR here, the visit of Chinese delegation commences the start of 9th Round of Pak-China Defence and Security Talks, which dilate upon the Defence and Security relations between the two countries.
When we get destroyed rather than fortified by what is strong and good, and when we allow this situation to cross the threshold of conmsciousness, we're talking about a level of late-cultural perversity, something exquisite, even, that only the truly Special can dilate upon, share, and appreciate.
Cook, Professor of Postcolonial and South Asian Studies will be the keynote speaker on the occasion while Mazhar-ul-Haq Siddiqui former Vice-Chancellor and Trusty of Endowment Fund Trust will also dilate upon the day's theme.
It is held on quarterly basis to dilate upon the complete security matrix.
Besides reviewing the governments performance during the fiscal year 2009-10, the cabinet will also dilate upon the targets set for the next financial year.