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She looked around at me, her fat face flushing, her dull eyes dilating, with the unaccustomed effort to express herself in speech, and to understand what was said to her in return.
The treasures of two drawers and a closet having been displayed, and all the smaller articles tried on, it was time for Miss Price to return home; and as she had been in raptures with all the frocks, and had been stricken quite dumb with admiration of a new pink scarf, Miss Squeers said in high good humour, that she would walk part of the way with her, for the pleasure of her company; and off they went together: Miss Squeers dilating, as they walked along, upon her father's accomplishments: and multiplying his income by ten, to give her friend some faint notion of the vast importance and superiority of her family.
For a moment he stood statuesque but for his sensitively dilating nostrils; then he wheeled and fled noiselessly from the terrifying presence of man.
She shrank against the wall, the pupils of her eyes dilating wildly.
Her father might instinctively have loosened his hold, but that he felt her strength departing from her, and saw a wild dilating fire in the eyes steadfastly regarding him.
Mr Dorrit, on being informed by his elder daughter that she had accepted matrimonial overtures from Mr Sparkler, to whom she had plighted her troth, received the communication at once with great dignity and with a large display of parental pride; his dignity dilating with the widened prospect of advantageous ground from which to make acquaintances, and his parental pride being developed by Miss Fanny's ready sympathy with that great object of his existence.
Our interpretation is that, because we are making a presumed decision to dilate prior to the appointment because we want better images, and it is the images that are outside the scope of GOS and it is the images the patient is choosing to have, then this dilating does not fall into a 'must' under GOS.
Now patients, especially mothers with small children, are relieved to learn we can do a comprehensive exam without dilating their eyes.
From there, they evolved through expansive curving shapes that emphasized their elegant lines and formed Busby Berkeley-style dilating clusters.
those undergoing post-radiation or -chemoradiation therapy, those with poorly controlled diabetes, or others in whom dilating the puncture to 20 Fr.