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Carnegie Mellon University Professor of Physics Ira Rothstein hopes to make understanding general relativity a little easier with a new smartphone app that lets anyone experiment with and learn how different aspects of special relativity, like time dilatio and length contraction, work.
Coke's actual statement on this point is as follows: "Hereby it appeareth, that justice must have three qualities, it must be libera, quia nihil iniquius venali justitia; plena, quia justitia non debet claudicare; et celeris, quia dilatio est quaedam negatio; and then it is both justice and right." Id.
This accords well with my own Derridian reading of the comedia in general as employing dilatio, or delay, to enhance suspense and postpone or defer the resolution of a moral case (caso) in Conscience on Stage.
Building on Patricia Parker's famous formulation that the mode of romance is crucially related to the rhetorical concept of dilatio, or opening of a text, Wroth's lengthy narrative confronts early modern anxieties about production and excess of the female body.
As Patricia Parker has suggested, the Latin verb "dilatio" meant, during the Renaissance, "not only to expand, disperse, or spread abroad but also to put off, postpone, prolong, or portract" and that, accordingly, this combination of "temporal deferral and spatial extension" functioned as "a kind of semantic crosswords, a complex in which constructs rhetorical and narrative, philosophical and theleological, judicial and erotic overlap as figures for the space and time of the text itself".
aims to understand the "logic of Christendom" within Peter's ecclesiology (23), especially since it necessitated for Peter and his contemporaries a crusading struggle between the Church and unbelievers both within (purgatio) and without (dilatio) an ever-expanding Christian society.
Contentio dominates in youth, adnominatio in middle age, dilatio in age.