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The dilative excess of his staged body calls into question differentials of class and status and, in so doing, encodes the same threat posed by the itinerant worker who shifted frequently between different occupations and locales.
These cases can often be confused with chronic dilative cardiomyopathy observed in other large breeds of dogs.
Dilative arteriopathy (dolichoectasia): what is known and not known.
Studies that have examined sexual risk factors for HCV infection among HIV-infected MSM have demonstrated associations between HCV infection and having had multiple sex partners, (18) unprotected anal sex, (10), (19-20) group sex, (10) and having engaged in sexual practices, such as fisting or use of dilative sex toys, that can cause trauma to mucous membranes.
In this report, we firstly investigated the direct dilative effect of total ginsenosides (TGS), the major bioactive constituents of ginseng (Attele et al.
oWe believe the deal sounds very dilative to EPS (earnings per share).
Distinguishing expert commentary and short communications from the papers, the anthology looks at such topics as dilated cardiomyopathy, diagnostic and prognostic cardiac imaging, sudden cardiac death, non-transplant surgical options, new radiotracers for the molecular imaging of vulnerable atherosclerotic plaques, the expressions of matrix-metallo-proteinases and their tissue-specific inhibitors in idiopathic canine dilative cardiomyopathy, and pediatric cardiomyopathy.