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Researchers developed a dilemma zone behavior model based on data collected in the driving simulation experiments via agent-based modeling and simulation.
Honesty and trust is always one of the words used in ethical codes and it is a recurrent theme in dilemmas at work and at home.
Andy and Jack Elias (right) after the Nick Savva-trained Dilemmas Flight's Oaks success at Wimbledon in 2006
The standard histories of moral dilemma theory usually take Plato's short discussion of a moral dilemma in Book I of the Republic as their point of departure.
Dougherty sets out not so much to tell the history of the moral dilemma in medieval thought--it is too early for that, he contends--as to prepare the ground for future systematic study.
The articles were written in English and had to contain at least one social dilemma, wherein social dilemma experiments involve two or more people who must choose between a good outcome for themselves or a good outcome for a group and if everyone chooses selfishly, the entire group ends up worse off than if each person had acted in the interest of the group.
One of those traditional criteria for greatness is that a dramatic work should aspire to tragedy, which The Doctor's Dilemma does do.
The participants completed a computerized risky decision-making task in which dilemmas with monetary "stakes" were presented in terms of opportunities to gain rewards ("positively framed") or to avoid suffering losses ("negatively framed").
For example, when Kevin experienced a dilemma over whether he was stereotyping by bringing up labels such as race, class, and ethnicity, Veronica refrained Kevin's dilemma using a critically reflective way of thinking.
His time in the legal system adds the weight of knowledge to the sections of The Khan Dilemma that deal with Danko's operations.
The potential advantage of asynchronous dilemma group discussions for increasing moral reasoning skills is an untapped area of research.
Of these, 155 produced usable responses on the hypothetical dilemma (Defining Issues Test [DIT]; Rest, 1986) and 165 on the authentic (substance abuse) dilemma.