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Solve the Divorce Dilemma is not a pro- or anti-divorce treatise, but one which encourages readers to enter this analysis with eyes wide open.
Were launching our new podcast Pocket Dilemmas with an episode on Brexit, its origins and its likely impact on the EBRD regions.
The Dilemma of Integrating Special Education Content in Teacher Preparation
I recently came across a useful list of 10 steps for any dilemma by Russ Harris, author of The Happiness Trap.
It was also determined that the nursing students participated in the study were not familiar (17.75+-2.77) with the dilemmas included in the Nursing Ethical Dilemma Test.
Dilemmas and Decisions: A Critical Addition to the Curriculum
Factors examined in assessing the influence of the road environment on driver decisionmaking behavior within the dilemma zone simulation included the roadway's speed limit, presence of a red light photo enforcement camera or pedestrian countdown signal at the intersection, and others.
The South African central bank has said that it is facing a dilemma over growth and inflation.
Critique: "Joseph's Dilemma" is the sequel to "Jacob s Choice" (9780836196818, $14.99 PB, $9.99 Kindle), and the second volume of of Ervin Stuzman's outstanding 'Return to Northkill' trilogy.
This case study describes the dilemma faced by the General Manager of a three-section division in a large federal bureaucratic organization that has a powerful and aggressive Union presence.
Andy and Jack Elias (right) after the Nick Savva-trained Dilemmas Flight's Oaks success at Wimbledon in 2006
The Presidential Leadership Dilemma: Between the Constitution and a Political Party.