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sup][14] Instead, we applied this novel manual compression skill to achieve complete hemostasis due to dilemmatic electronic welding proximity to the rectum.
However, a revision did not appear to be so necessary as the reevaluation of human experience and Japanese history from a dynamic perspective, which avoided a centre-based provincialism, highlighting, instead, inter-religious, inter-cultural and inter-human relations, advocating the maintenance of a balance between their "inner" significance, or their dilemmatic core, and their "outer," phenomenological significance, derived from human experience.
MMD: 515), in which numerous religious-spiritual elements are used to draw a comprehensive image of the dilemmatic relationship between man and the gods/God, Creation and Creator.
In facing the threat of economic slowdown, the government is facing a dilemmatic situation.
The ongoing dilemmatic situation over formation of new provinces including political and security situations of the country would be addressed in the meeting.
He saves Kitch's wife from a ghost, confronts a football quiz that could make his career or utterly ruin it, tries to pick up Zulu pronunciation, almost encounters pirates, and is forced into making a dilemmatic choice between the two wives of a client.
The used instruments were dilemmatic situations, observations, and interviews.
There are, however, other familiar dilemmatic stories, whose harmlessness might be more difficult to establish.
The participants were asked to judge the appropriateness of a reaction to the dilemmatic situation in a forced-choice situation while their brain activation was recorded with fMRI.
Here in extract 2, Rick describes the dilemmatic nature of fathering identities by suggesting that there is a 'trade off' between unpaid caring and paid work.
The dilemmatic mood of the decades that falls amidst the twentieth century provides a particular, crucial and historical background to the coming-out of Jewish-American aspiration for the position of mainstream whiteness in the social stratum.
Nonetheless, this conditional right to possess nuclear weapons is dilemmatic for reasons already discussed--the "good" of protecting liberal democratic regimes by nuclear means comes at the expense of undermining the broader legal commitment by the de jure nuclear democracies to eliminate all nuclear weapons.