diligent application

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In course of time, that is to say, after a couple of hours or so, of diligent application, Miss Brass arrived at the conclusion of her task, and recorded the fact by wiping her pen upon the green gown, and taking a pinch of snuff from a little round tin box which she carried in her pocket.
Another observation I must make, to the honour of a diligent application on one hand, and to the disgrace of a slothful, negligent, idle temper on the other, that when I came to the place, and viewed the several improvements, plantings, and management of the several little colonies, the two men had so far out-gone the three, that there was no comparison.
And he counted on quiet intervals to be watchfully seized, for taking up the threads of investigation--on many hints to be won from diligent application, not only of the scalpel, but of the microscope, which research had begun to use again with new enthusiasm of reliance.
Harvey wrote that the strip "gives expression to our resentment by ridiculing traditional authority figures and by demonstrating, with Beetle, how to survive through the diligent application of sheer lethargy and studied indifference.
According to the documents available with The Nation, the NAB chairman signed the order which says, 'After having gone through the entire record of prosecution witnesses and material as well as documentary evidence with diligent application of mind, I am of the view that there are reasonable grounds to believe that prima facie the offences of corruption and corrupt practices have been committed as enumerated in Section 9 (a)(v) of the NAB Ordinance 1999.
Through diligent application, Vogue International has established itself as one of America's leading manufacturers and distributors of salon-heritage hair care and other personal care products.
It should not be forgotten that safety and reliability go hand in hand at Bapco and our challenge now is to sustain current performance and ensure that unplanned shutdowns are mitigated through diligent application of our routine work duties and predictive and preventative maintenance activities.
Novelis CEO and president Phil Martens congratulated Parrette on the achievement, saying that "his wisdom, business savvy and leadership go well beyond diligent application of legal processes and strategies, and have, in fact, tremendously helped transform Novelis from a regionally focused organization into a truly world-class global enterprise.
The watch list acknowledges that the manager has failed to meet expectations, but that his underperformance will be tolerated in the hope that more diligent application of the Three Ps will improve performance.
And it's why high performers-in addition to diligent application of leading IPO practices-must be exceptionally agile and flexible.
Regarding financing, a buyer is required to make a good faith, diligent application for financing in a timely fashion.
Carl Moore, networks operations director at Lynx Express, who presented the awards, said: "This year's nominations show an intense depth of feeling towards honouring colleagues who have shown an exemplary amount of passion, enthusiasm and diligent application to their role.