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It took me months to assure myself that those fears were groundless, but I did assure myself at last by experimenting diligently through my agent.
This was the man who so diligently read the Moniteur, giving a religious credence to all it contained.
Hunt was diligently preparing for his arduous journey, some of his men began to lose heart at the perilous prospect before them; but before we accuse them of want of spirit, it is proper to consider the nature of the wilderness into which they were about to adventure.
Thus it threw shadows of these obscure and homely figures every evening with as much care over each contour as if it had been the profile of a court beauty on a palace wall; copied them as diligently as it had copied Olympian shapes on marble FACADES long ago, or the outline of Alexander, Caesar, and the Pharaohs.
Dora sat between them, diligently studying her lessons; but Davy was sitting tailor-fashion on the grass, looking as gloomy and depressed as his single dimple would let him.
And while Cecily sat thus, diligently working a fraction sum on her slate, that base Cyrus asked permission to go out, having previously borrowed a pair of scissors from one of the big girls who did fancy work at the noon recess.
Time, sticking to him, passed him on into Bounderby's Bank, made him an inmate of Bounderby's house, necessitated the purchase of his first razor, and exercised him diligently in his calculations relative to number one.
Former military chief of staff Eduardo AAaAaAeA~o vowed yesterday to ta the lead in working honestly and diligently following his appointment as officer-in-charge (OIC) of the Department of the Interior and Local Government (DILG).
But a claim has been made by the mother so we will investigate very diligently and of course the Government has already taken cognisance of it.
S should not allow the dispute over an Indian diplomat to derail the future that the two nations have been working diligently to build.
We contacted Microsoft regarding the vulnerability and they're working diligently towards issuing a patch and advisory.
An extremely dedicated and loyal employee, Pat works diligently for Maryland nurses every day.