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The proportional diluter was set to deliver 300 [+ or -] 15 mL to each aquarium every 3 min [+ or -] 15 sec, yielding 9-10 tank volumes per day.
Material Code: 12720108 Correcting Fluid and Diluter, 2 X 15ML BottlesMaterial Code: 12727049 Compact Disk, Recordable (CDR) of reputed brand with MDL Logo & Cover with Warranty Material Code: 12720104 Pen Marker Blue/Black ,Material Code: 12724001 Rubber Band, Assorted Size between 2 Inch to 3 Inch, Durable Quality, Gross Wt.
We include hemoglobin along with the calculated rBC indices (MCH and MCHC) in the hope that it will help detect drift in diluter calibration.
flow diluter to augment the full flow dilution tunnel and permit simultaneous measurements of parallel
Tenders are invited for Supply of fluid,eraz-ex fluid with diluter,15 ml kangaro or equivalent good quality
Correction fluid white with diluter bottle of 15ml each (Kores).
Tenders are invited for supply of stationery items White Fluid Kores 15 ml with diluter.
Eraz-EX with diluter Kores,Fax_Roll - 30 Mtrs Mitubushi,File pad Extra Thick Standred quality,File Box File Peacock File cover for office,Office Subscriber file (Thin),Gum Bottle-700 MlBril,Gum Bottle-300 Ml Bril,Gum Bottle-150Ml Bril,Pen Drive (Transcend),Pen Drive (Transcend,Plastic Thin thread 250 Grmas Pens.
Tenders are invited for Procurement of combat free fall oxygen system should be a high altitude diluter demand breathing system for parachutists for providing increased oxygen quantity at minimized cylinder volume.
Pencil Carbon Sapphier Blue 5011, Stamp Pad medium size, Stamp Pad Ink, Gum Bottle, Typing Ribon Silk(double colour), Glue Stick, Plastic Scale, Erazer & Diluter, Xerox Paper A4 500 Sheet, James Clip etc.
Tenders are invited for Procurement of stationery items-Ball Pen Jetter (Blue), Ball Pen Jetter Black, Reynolds Treemax Pen (Blue, Reynolds Treemax Pen (Black, Ball Pen Ordinary Lexi, Ball Pen Reynolds Red, Ball Pen Reynolds Black, Highlighter Pen (Kores, Correction fluid Diluter 15ml each (Kores, Cello tape roll Small size 1 , Cello tape roll Big size 2, Correction with fluid Pen Camlin 7ml, Chalk Box , Computer CD writing Sony , Computer DVD Sony , Stamp Pad Ink Bottle , Duplicate Note Books Shivam No.