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A chi square analysis of frequencies for the global sample reveals that the proportional representation of low, middle and high diluters is not the same for all industries.
In conclusion, glucose supplementation improved the preservability of Nili-Ravi buffalo bull spermatozoa in skim milk diluter at 5oC.
Each component of the system--sampler, prediluter, cascade diluter, measurement cell, and software--can be individually tailored to the process, ensuring that even the most challenging applications can be tackled effectively.
Apply the feed through a hose-end diluter for maximum effect.
Tedious sample and standard dilution steps can be effectively automated with relatively low-cost instruments like the MICROLAB 532BP Diluter from Hamilton Co.
Liquid dilutions of the latter were prepared volumetrically by means of a Hamilton Digital Diluter (Bonaduz), producing working dilutions of 5700, 3800,1900, 760, 380, 76, and 38 mg/L in ethyl acetate.
Japanese medaka (Oryzias latipes) were continually exposed in a flow-through diluter system for 9 months to measured chloroform concentrations of 0.
Spiral Biotech introduced the LabPro Diluter and Dispenser, which automates dilution, dispensing, in-line filter sterilization of liquids, and other functions.
2008) observed a non-significant increase in the percentage of sperm with normal acrosomes after the addition of cysteine in diluter in post thawed ovine semen with significant increase in catalase activity.
Exclusive UK distributor Don Whitley Scientific has launched the AES Chemunex Smasher laboratory blender, completing the DWS sample preparation range that includes the WASP spiral plater, Dilumat gravimetric diluter and automatic colony counters.
The HPLC system consisted of two Waters 510 HPLC pumps, a Waters 680 automated gradient controller (Waters Associates), and a Gilson 231 XL sample injector with a Gilson 401 diluter (Gilson Medical Electronics).