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A chi square analysis of frequencies for the global sample reveals that the proportional representation of low, middle and high diluters is not the same for all industries.
Exhibit 12 presents median characteristics for low, medium and high diluters by industry.
9) Exhibit 13 reveals that high diluters are smaller companies in 1991, whether we measure size using log(sales) or log(total assets).
Experimental diluters were prepared by adding 5, 10 and 30mM of glucose to control diluter.
05) in plasma membrane integrity of buffalo bull spermatozoa in all experimental diluters on 1st day of storage.
In our study, percentage sperm plasma membrane integrity did not differ in all experimental diluters on 1st day of storage.
2008) observed a non-significant increase in the percentage of sperm with normal acrosomes after the addition of cysteine in diluter in post thawed ovine semen with significant increase in catalase activity.
flow diluter to augment the full flow dilution tunnel and permit simultaneous measurements of parallel
We kept track of pipettes, diluters, and related items on the worksheets, making sure to distinguish between general operating costs and procedure-specific ones.
s software for its Microlab 600 series of diluters and dispensers, for example, includes a new package of compliance features for labs in regulated environments, such as forensics and Pharmaceuticals.
The VICI division of Valco Instruments, Houston, Texas, designs and manufactures various types of liquid handling devices including pumps, valves, syringes, diluters and dispensers, injectors, and fittings.
extenders--Any diluter with additives to extend the lifespan of sperm cells.