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Based on these four factors, the Board found that ESRT's marks should be considered famous for dilution purposes.
Broth microdilution technique is reproducible to within one doubling dilution of the real end point in a dilution series.
Reilly (2013) notes that, at best, share repurchases might simply be offsetting the dilution caused by stock-based compensation.
To know where the future of trademark dilution by blurring law must go, it is essential to understand what it is, and where it came from.
If you are performing a multistep dilution, multiply all the dilution steps together.
Key words Human--leptospirosis--recombinant antigen--single serum dilution ELISA
We can express dilutions as follows: a "1 in 10" dilution = 1:10; and "1 in 100" dilution = 1:100.
The most critical step in serial dilution is calculating how much soil was originally diluted, and by how much it was diluted.
But others worry that actual concentrations in the environment could be higher than the calculated PEC due to the guidance's assumed 1:10 dilution factor for sewage effluent entering rivers.
2], MICs of macrolides increase by 1 dilution compared to the MIC in air, against both susceptible and resistant strains.
Paper Machine Number 5 of the Wansbrough mill in Watchet, Somerset, will be equipped with a new dilution controlled headbox, a shaker for the breast roll, as well as a screen for the dilution circulation system.