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An analyst said, 'We expect a resurrection of Dim Sum from the steam cooker.
Using CLOUDPORT, Dim Sum TV can support its entire playout workflow, from content ingest and preparation, storage and archival, and playlist management and scheduling to graphics insertion, cloud playout and delivery--all in an automated, secure fashion.
The Festival's extensive menu has vegetarian, non vegetarian as well as vegan dim sums, which are available in sharing baskets with choices of four, six and nine variants.
As part of the transition to CLOUDPORT, Dim Sum TV moved all of its content to the Amagi cloud, including playlists and schedules.
So, on days I have a craving for Chinese breakfast, this dim sum place is on my list.
GREEN CREATIVE will also be releasing a Warm Dim 6'' Residential Downlight later in the year.
What are the most important elements or ingredients for success when creating a good dim sum?
My foodie friends go all the way to Chinatown when hankering for dim sum.
Fe enillodd Dim Byd wobr Bafta Cymru ar gyfer y Rhaglen Cerddoriaeth ac Adloniant orau yn 2014 a'r Rhaglen Blant Orau yn 2012.
ydi dim O'r nefi, roedd gweld y teulu mawr (dim son am dad) mewn fflat un llofft yn egluro cymaint.
2) is very useful not only for computational aspects, but also for studying the numerical restrictions on dim M(L) in a more appropriate context of the literature.