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It was good to hear some of Henry Cowell's early experiments with a prepared piano and exotic percussion, and to discover the quirky soundworld of Henry Brant, whose Music for a Five & Dime Store was a wonderful sound-picture of violin, vamping piano and tea-room percussion.
It was started as a five and dime store in New York by one Frank Winfield Woolworth.
It makes life easier since you don't have to squint through your cheap magnifying glasses you bought at the dime store to decipher the tiny numbers on that dial caliper.
Adding to Dan's woes, 14-year-old William runs away from home to join the posse, hoping for an adventure like in the dime store novels.
At once a bluntly suggestive joke and a sly invitation to be taken for a ride, Nakadate's customized dime store bronco might serve as a mascot for the work's insistent attempts to confound the boundaries between roles and role-playing.
She believed witch magic had been corrupted and diluted, as Paige discovers in Dime Store Magic.
Phone cameras are the rage, but no flash, no zoom, and a dime store lens means the only time you'll get decent pictures is if you're right next to something in broad daylight.
The site was once a local dime store, and its design maintains the historical integrity of the space and honors the aesthetic traditions of the region.
In our family, we didn't have much money," his sister Betty recalled to a reporter many years later, "so John used to buy us younger children candy and gifts at the dime store with money he earned selling newspapers.
The discount store itself evolved directly from the variety store--often referred to as the five and dime or, as inflation climbed, the dime store.
They're fruit-flavored, packed in peg bags, and about the size of dime store toy soldiers.