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A fifth emergent thematic dimension framing changes in teacher thinking involved the grounding of teacher thinking in research.
In dimension eight, they found, it's possible to fit 240 spheres around a single central sphere.
Peer facilitation projects, strongly endorsed by the American School Counselor Association (1990), add a dimension of compassion and learning to care for and about others to the school environment.
All the mathematical interest had been with almost periodicity; any quasiperiodic structure is periodic in a higher dimension.
Bench" research in medical informatics continues at a number of institutions, but the incorporation of clinical informatics (the applied dimension of the science) lags far behind.
This allowed the molder to see shot-to-shot variations in process parameters, and correlate them with shot-to-shot variations in part dimensions.
Second, the dimensions of the Epistemological Scenario were further investigated by exploratory factor analysis.
Since the 1970s, scientific interest in extra dimensions has surged as physicists developed what's now known as string theory.
The third dimension of the conceptual model is based on Griffith's (1980) three types of occupational opportunity structures: ideal, real, and perceived.
Diversity is a broad concept, inclusive of numerous categories or dimensions within the human context.