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For example, the sand type, its grain size and distribution, and the sand mixture formulation for cores and/or green sand are significant variables affecting the dimensional capability of the casting process.
As of December 31, 2005, Dimensional and its affiliates managed $86 billion for more than 1,500 clients in 25 countries, including corporations, federal, state and local governments, Taft-Hartley plans, universities, healthcare organizations, foundations, religious orders, and professional financial advisors.
A copolyester TP elastomer, for instance, is being used in lower-power, higher-speed gears because it allows them to tolerate inaccuracies and reduce noise while providing sufficient dimensional stability and stiffness.
The first of three key elements in designing a dimensional marketing item is defining what information is to be provided; what does the buyer want to know?
Profile 360 technology has demonstrated the ability to capture key dimensional features that cannot be obtained by traditional techniques, in an on-line and real-time application.
It's escapism," the 30-ish Dimensional says of it all.
An opposite trend was seen for shakeout in which an increase in shakeout time increased the dimensional variation in the cope, decreased variation slightly across the parting line and decreased it more in the drag.
In response, TPI shifted to Faro's CSP system as a more affordable and versatile method for measuring dimensional accuracy in formed parts.
These applications have been driven by PEN's high dimensional stability and modulus, as well as its enhanced chemical resistance, UV stability and barrier properties relative to currently-used materials like PET.
Mecosta County Medical Center and Hopkins County Memorial Hospital Share Benefits of Using Dimensional Insight's BI Diver Solution

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