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The five-layer composite then passes through an embossing station as well as a temperature-control section to ensure dimensional stability before being cut to size.
Using this measuring method several studies had been conducted in order to determine the dimensional stability of modified species, i.
Its stable filament network is based on a new polymer composition that delivers softer tufting, improved stitch holding and optimum dimensional stability of the finished carpet.
The aim of this study was to evaluate the influence of the time of contact between the alginate impression and gypsum poured into it on the quality of the cast, by analyzing the surface detail, dimensional stability and microhardness.
These properties enable the design of thin walls and complex shapes with high dimensional stability.
As a result, stock shapes have very consistent ESD, excellent dimensional stability, and improved toughness that can be used in many new high-performance products for the semiconductor, data storage, aerospace, and medical industries.
A natural, sustainable, high quality renewable construction material that would comply with the sustainable building specifications is bamboo flooring--a new ideal green environmental choice for the floor covering with incomparable qualities of hardness, durability and dimensional stability.
Consequently, if paper is stored in a warehouse in which the humidity is constantly changing, even the first cycle of change will be detrimental to the dimensional stability of the paper.
Because of the unique nature of their end-use, better corrosion resistance against mild alkaline and salt spray exposure, dimensional stability, and a good combination of strength, ductility and shock resistance is often demanded of these types of castings.
The Techtron PPS (polyphenylene sulfide), Ketron PEEK (polyetheretherketone) and a porosity-free acetal copolymer provide high stiffness and dimensional stability to various structural components of the Varioscope M5 system.
Sprinturf invented the woven non-woven triple backing, which, according to the company, provides twice the dimensional stability.