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One of those directions comes from the field called dimensionless biology, which strips away differences of size and life span and looks for patterns that hold true across many species, whether big or little, enduring or ephemeral.
In Anti-vortex piers using condition, the dimensionless parameters N (number of piers) and A (angle of piers) also affect the flow.
Substituting (12) in to (9) thus yields the following dimensionless blade deflection equation:
The part of the physics which involves dimensionless constants is very prone to invasion of numerology.
The natural frequency of sustained oscillations is determined by the natural frequency of bending vibrations and dimensionless damping coefficient:
eta]] Partial heat and power generation efficiencies of the CHP, respectively, dimensionless
a dimensionless number representing the response of alternative j on objective i, meaning that the number is no more expressed in money, weights, length, volume etc.
For small dimensionless eccentricity, [epsilon] << 1, the scale factor simplifies to (20), (24) as:
72 Dimensionless provided by an FDW Proportion of families with an .