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In governing equations U, V, P, [theta], Re, Ri and Pr are dimensionless fluid velocities, temperature, pressure, Reynolds number, Richardson number, and Prandtl number (Pr = 1), respectively.
This dimensionless number depends directly on the mass transfer coefficient, it is intended that this value is as high as possible on any system to facilitate the exchange of molecules between the two phases, this factor depends on the Reynolds number, which characterizes the movement of a fluid, in liquid chromatography is intended that the fluid passing through the column is in laminar regime, as consequence the molecular transfer between the phases is facilitated.
The effect of the Young's modulus E on dimensionless function Y(a/s) was studied in the following.
The deformation of the flexible capsule in a shear flow for dimensionless shear rate of G = 0.
The dimensionless friction force and other parameters are given as follows:
Therefore, we do not compare results from the shear-thinning and Newtonian fluids at the same dimensionless numbers.
Important to note that there could be unlimited numbers of numerical approximations for dimensionless constant.
A dimensionless decrement depends on the size of the cross section of the toolholder and the length of its overhang while processing and is defined as an expression:
n, na Annual-averaged heat to electrical energy demand ratio, age, both symbol are dimensionless
Also, the main dimensionless parameters affecting TSIFs are identified based on dimensional analysis.