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The expectation is that the only attributes existing on the fact, other than the foreign keys into the associated dimensions, are the numeric values to be summed, averaged, or otherwise manipulated.
If such a culture of collaborative teacher inquiry is to develop, Lambert, Collay, Dietz, Kent, and Richert (1996) make the point that teachers need professional development opportunities to develop reciprocity in thinking along dimensions of collaboration, inquiry, and action.
Although the definitions of spheres in every, dimension are analogous, the configurations of spheres that the various dimensions can contain are very different.
Finally we illustrate integrating various dimensions of spiritual wellness into school counseling using the four perspectives from the integral model (behavioral, intrapsychic, cultural, and social).
The individual dimensions of individual-environment correspondence are identified as skills and abilities, needs and values, and personality style (Dawis & Lofquist, 1984).
Whatever kinds of relationships between Islam and science are to emerge prominently in our discussion will depend on the meanings given to the terms 'Islam' and 'science' or which of their respective dimensions are emphasized.
In two and three dimensions the number of crystal systems, point groups, and plane or space groups were all enumerated.
Although this dimension of CIS represents the ultimate power of a computerized patient record, it is not realizable until dimensions X and Y are in place.
Conventional statistical process control (SPC) required sampling five parts every two to four hours and measuring critical dimensions of each part.
In addition, this analysis was conducted to compare the dimensions of the Epistemological Scenario with the dimensions of Schommer's Epistemological Questionnaire.
ELBOW ROOM It may sound like science fiction, but the notion that we are living in a universe with extra, unseen dimensions has a long history in theoretical physics.