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1 Stipules deeply bifid, divided more than half way, often nearly to the base; fruits dimidiate and deeply bisulcate (rarely only one seed developing and fruit thus appearing subglobose) .
dimidiate (Columbia, Ecuador, and along the Pacific coast from Mexico to north of Peru).
per scene for 'Carpenters work' gives some indication that the term 'scene' was used correctly according to the usage of the day for a pair of dimidiate shutters (the varied breadth also suggesting three sets of grooves to run in), rather than 'drops' which were full-width drop-cloths needing much less in the way of timber.
Small mammals trapped in the different sites, number and % of positives Monodelphis dimidiate Area Md +/% Of +/% Od +/% St +/% Aa +/% PV -- -/- 38 1/2.