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Estee Lauder Diminish Anti-Wrinkle Retinol Treatment is available in a 30ml bottle for pounds 35 and is available from the Estee Lauder counter on the ground floor of Rackhams, Birmingham.
This is a perfect example of good spinning: the facts got out, in context, and we helped diminish the impact of the story not by deceiving but by ensuring a comprehensive and accurate treatment of those facts.
New York City - In the Big Apple, "price per pound increases on prime office" and "returns diminish as buyers pounce on well-leased midtown buildings put on the block.
To those who fear they would be diminished by the city becoming smaller, that it would diminish their sense of themselves, we say this: Let the city's leaders embrace an all-encompassing vision of greatness, of freedom, equality and respect for all.
In another approach, Escher tried to fit together replicas of a figure, such as a fish, that diminish in size as they spiral into or recede from a point in the middle of a square or circular frame.
Los Angeles City Council members on Tuesday put off voting on a controversial new city school board district map with a narrow, twisted Eastside district so packed with a Latino population that it might actually diminish chances of electing Latino board members in other districts.
A tenant's ability to visualize the built environment is much simpler as well, allowing the design and construction phases to diminish, if not disappear entirely.
early or chronic damage by pollutants may trigger the premature onset of infirmities that normally develop as reserves diminish.