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It's important to bring up diminished flavors or smells with a doctor to rule out something more serious and to determine what might help restore pleasure from smells and flavors.
On the contrary, Western policies have too often diminished freedoms and undermined democracies in countries around the world.
Footfall would diminish, additional sales would diminish and so would profit.
And what we need to do is to find ways to diminish their influence within the organization and to try to build up the more moderate elements," Brennan said.
Extensive improvements have recently been carried out at Diminish, which is one of Huddersfield''s top permanent hair removal clinics.
He described how churches addressed societal needs, and how churches involved themselves with the usual Progressive concerns of temperance, social justice, and the changing business climate, but not in such a way as to diminish the churches' distinctly spiritual orientation.
buyers should insist that smaller vendors have contingencies in place to diminish risk to the buyer.
The philosophical poetics uttered diminish the poetry of the images.
In addition, their sand systems have seen an increase in green compressive strength and muller efficiencies above the necessary levels, presenting an opportunity to diminish the premix feed rate into the system.
Additionally, the fact that Bob Dylan, George Lucas, and Disney act hypocritically or even stupidly does not diminish their right to property.
Price resistance (sticker shock), price anxiety (buyer's remorse) and payment resistance (not cutting the check) all will diminish by using FPAs.
With some ingenuity, English painting was discovered to have preceded (influenced?) American practice (e.g., the work of Lanyon, a delightful man and a gentle artist, was used to diminish the achievements of Mark Rothko).