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Diminished ovarian reserve, defined by a baseline serum follicle-stimulating hormone level greater than 10 mIU/mL, was present in 70 subjects.
Since no other countries will soon possess the combination of influence, willingness, and experience needed to guide the WTO process, the diminished leadership capacities of the United States and European Union will be the only ones available.
While the commissioner's formula, also referred to as the '17c', is one of the approved methodologies, according to Geen, the apparent systemic misapplication of the subjective modifiers calculates an artificially low diminished value allowing insurers to offer minimal or even zero payments to their customers.
When a resident has diminished cognitive functions, the request for sexual expression with others becomes more problematic.
While there's no proven medical treatment for diminished sex drive, you'll find out that you can still experience pleasure.
Some manufacturers have eliminated or greatly diminished the fear factor associated with unscheduled downtime by eliminating many of the potential points of failure.
Four common vocational handicaps are discussed: diminished access to work opportunities, need for workplace accommodations, employer bias in hiring and advancement, and diminished "worklife" expectancy.
We at Church House see the loss of the work through the lenses that are the people and so we grieve twice, once for the diminished capacity to carry on our ministry and again for the loss of colleagues and friends.
However, the exact mechanisms by which HIV causes the loss of CD4 T cells are still unknown, and other cell lines--such as CD8 T cells, which are presumably resistant to HIV infection--are also diminished over the course of infection.
However, a straddle would exist if the taxpayer owned one of the companies and also held an option on that company's stock that substantially diminished the taxpayer's risk of loss on that stock; see Sec.
I think it was only seventy intermissionless, unremitting minutes, but rarely can that law of diminishing returns have seemed so diminishing or the returns themselves so diminished.
Robert Motherwell's literacy, in the opinion of several colleagues, diminished his art.