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In contrast, the A blood group antigen, comprised of blood types A and AB, appears to be protective against diminished ovarian reserve.
Ovary length diminished with increasing PCB and chlordane concentrations, and ovary weight decreased with increasing PBDEs, the team reports an upcoming issue of Environmental Science & Technology.
The condo craze may have driven land prices and diminished the supply of hotel rooms, but it is that very lack of supply and the ever increasing influx of tourists that will propel the development market and protect it from more stringent downward pressure.
But geopolitical and domestic changes have further diminished the ability of those two polities to exercise control.
For these and other reasons, even if TSA screeners are no more effective than pre-9/11 private sector screeners at finding prohibited items, other parts of the security system have improved and the risks to the public have diminished.
There will be shocks to the financial markets and a significantly diminished flow of goods and services.
Over the county's objection, the trial court instructed the jury that, in determining the diminution in fair market value of the remaining acres, they could "consider damages, if any, resulting from unsafe access or diminished market perception of the remainder .
Diminished value is a "creature of common law" fought state by state, said Robert J.
An Indiana court of appeals recently reversed a lower court ruling dismissing a diminished value suit, and remanded the case to district court, prompting an appeal to the state's supreme court.
Nonetheless, from 1944 to 1970 political exploitation and appropriation of underdeveloped countries greatly diminished.
In almost two centuries of policing, there is one thing that has not changed throughout the history of the Middletown Police Department, one constant that has never faltered or diminished.