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The issue is about the diminishing number,' he said.
The evolution of the Swiss bank resolution regime and the accelerating global trend towards the use of burden-sharing tools are likely to lead to a diminishing support for senior creditors from the Swiss government in the event of need.
In a statement she said, 'The need for extraordinary measures is diminishing because corporate financing conditions have improved.
Its failure is natural in a free market and under the law of diminishing returns.
CLL 201 -- Diminishing Manufacturing Sources and Material Shortages Fundamentals
That's why I would like to rephrase the Libyan leader's quote: "We do not accept the diminishing value of our resources, not even for the wellbeing of Africans.
How might the defense use diminishing expectations to argue that the defendant should receive treatment for mental illness rather than being jailed?
If you see intimacy diminishing, or feel isolation building in your partnership, you may want to enlist a licensed mental health-care provider schooled in sex therapy.
For many of them, their market is diminishing because of various reasons we all know, but their debt is not diminishing.
I called this 'the Ivan Illich Law of Diminishing Architecture', after the man who discovered counter-productive growth in other fields, and framed it as follows: 'for any building type there is an upper limit to the number of people who can be served before the quality of the environment falls'.
These observations indicate that the fast ionic reaction to form cobaltic sulfide will effectively reduce the sulfur concentration near the rubber/brass interface, thus diminishing the opportunity for copper sulfide formation.