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If diminishment is change headed toward death, evolution is change in the direction of life.
The diminishment of Arctic ice could lead in coming years to increased commercial shipping on two trans-Arctic sea routes--the Northern Sea Route and the Northwest Passage.
I am convinced the matter has been influenced by the Council's desire to be nice to the European Union to ensure intake from the EU Regional Development Fund, and part of this process is the diminishment of anything British in favour of gradual Europeanisation.
And while other commentators are more explicit in linking media diminishment to the wider structural features of capitalism and the international economy, this work succeeds in sounding a ringing vindication for Chomsky and Herman.
At least it didn't lead to any diminishment in his luck, as the course specialist recorded his eighth career win on his 80th start, just seeing off the late surge of unlucky runner-up Mea Parvitas.
As traditional measures of economic progress like GDP are criticized for ignoring downsides including pollution or diminishment of resources such as fresh water or fossil fuels, there has been an increased urgency to arguments for a more balanced and accurate reckoning of costs.
It enables many of the poorest access to first class treatment, lack of which would otherwise mean a dramatic diminishment in one's health, well that or death.
It is the assumed diminishment of funding from Iran and the unlikely prospect of the shortfall being made up from other sources.
I question whether in the long term our participation in unbridled exploitation is not in fact adding to the diminishment of our custodial responsibilities to humanity, global sustainability and resilience," he said.
The United States has made mistakes that hastened the diminishment of its authority, namely the "expensive defeats" in Iraq and Afghanistan and the financial crisis.
One pledge, "sea of love," discourages buying drinks in petroleum-based plastic bottles, using plastic bags or purchasing unsustainable seafood, all of which leave g impacts on the worlds' oceans whether by contributing to floating offshore garbage patches or to the diminishment of species.
Tannenbaum s diminishment of the recovery model does a particular disservice to those contending with process addictions.