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have been ambushed by a horde of vigilantes whose motives and methods are only dimly understood in most national capitals.
Bob Dole, punch drunk and only dimly recalling lost wages, resorts to the reflexive.
The regulations give the example of an individual with a visual impairment applying for a job as a waiter in a dimly lit nightclub.
He evokes the snobbish, self-satisfied, and segregated town that Washington was, despite the arrival of such New Deal mavericks as Leon Henderson, the brilliant price administrator, who was dimly regarded both by the social establishment and by Congress.
A FISH'S LOT DO we care or understand, About the dimly lit world of fish, Naturally separated from us on land, Never able to make contact if they wished?
The paintings were exiled to dimly lit walls, where they were joined by stills of the actions, some of them in large formats.
Bede, saintly scholar and England's first great historian, composed his manuscripts in a cold, dimly lit cell and the chair in the chancel of the church, is presumed to have been the master's chair from that cell and has long been known as Bede's Chair.
Along these dimly lit tours, Moore finds surprising Virgils, like the "short, bald, furry" impresario Bruce Mailman (who opened the St.
Dimly recalling the Gospel according to St Matthew, I did a little research and, sure enough, the Good Book says: "Those that are first shall be last.
With sentences like, "The sky above you brightened first, then the rising star seemed to coalesce out of the infrared, a shimmering vermilion specter emerging out of the haze line and then sliding along the horizon, shining dimly through the Plate wails and the distant abundances of air and only gradually gaining height, though, once it had properly begun, the daylight lasted longer than on a globe," on the same page with, "She nodded vigorously, 'Absofu#