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Your primary concern should be the fire hazard that was created when you wired a dimmer switch to an electric motor.
In this case, starting with the duty cycle > 29 % the overall efficiency of the LED dimmer > 80.5 %, the efficiency of ILD6150 > 92.5 %, and the efficiency of IRM-45-48ST > 88.5 %, both in LEDs with CCT = 2700 K, and LEDs with CCT 5700 K.
Prices range from pounds 22.50 to pounds 204, with dimmers for floor or table lamps also available as well as a variety of snap-on face plates to ensure the dimmers look as good as their acclaimed function.
The dimmer is an updated version of VOS Systems' plug-in adapter model, IntelaVoice, which can control lights and small appliances up to 150 watts.
Conduit runs behind the face frame to a dimmer switch below
But SSL-7A is intended to be used to design and qualify dimmer and light-engine products for use with each other, not to determine compatibility with existing products.
Leviton's Universal Dimming Sensor (IPSD6-1LZ) is an occupancy sensor and dimmer in one unit.
announced a digital LED controller that directly addresses dimmer compatibility issues that have been a major barrier to consumer adoption of LED retrofit bulbs.
Using NASA's Spitzer Space Telescope, which detects disks dimmer than other infrared telescopes can, researchers now have dozens of debris disks to study.
Q HOW can I swap an old plastic switch for a new metallic dimmer?
Another new product is the model 420 multi-level touch dimmer, featuring four preset light levels, touch pins to adjust brightness and LED lights to indicate light level.
24 x 2.3 kW, 2 x Wandrack dimmer 12 x 5 kW, 1 x closet 19 "casing patch cabinet, disassembly of 4 x Wandrack dimmer -