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New information gathered using the Spitzer and Swift missions in addition to the Belgian AstroLAB IRIS observatory support the theory that the dimming is caused by a moving cloud.
The products are offered in 900 to 2000 lumen packages and provide a 90 Color Rendering Index (CRI) throughout the dimming range.
The drivers feature a <10 to 100% dimming range, and are compatible with industry-standard controls.
Dimming could result in health impacts over the long term.
The technology adjusts light intensity smoothly, making it an eye-friendly dimming technology.
Mr Jones said his department had investigated the matter further and come up with another option - dimming street lighting between midnight and 5.
However, it is believed that global dimming caused the droughts in Ethiopia in the 1970s and 80s where millions died, because the northern hemisphere oceans were not warm enough to allow rain formation.
The Halux Exlite 1050 offers a special dimming feature, dual spot and flood light capabilities, and several mounting options including a ceiling mount that is ideal for surgical areas.
The Simplicity Series Digital Dimming Systems, from HUNT Dimming, is expected to simplify contractor installation by utilizing a compact, lightweight design and minimal wiring requirements.