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Vickers' hardness is then expressed as the ratio of the testing load applied to dint area in form of regular tetragonal pyramid with square base and the vertex angle equal to the angle of penetrating body (136[degrees]).
Clarke, a highly successful businessman, got the ECB job because he told the counties who voted for him that he'd keep them financially solvent by dint of his commercial acumen.
CLEVELAND Summer League Champion Darren McVitie, of Hartlepool, put a significant dint in the progress of Five Lamps Garage's Championship hopes by scoring a hat-trick in a 1st Division fixture last week.
By dint of culture, history, and geography, we have a lot of interests in common with Iran's people.
With both sides going into the game unbeaten, there was much at stake but it was the Cumbrians that came through by dint of their better control up front under England No 8 Carl Fearns and their creativity behind.
Instead, Elish is a down-to-earth working mum who reached the top by dint of talent and hard work.
The software maker had until May 31 this year to comply with the Commission's rulings, despite its continued protests that making the protocols available via open-source licences would be commercially damaging, and it was only by dint of last-minute talks between the two parties that the deadline was met and more fines avoided.
And, just to make things even more interesting, Mitchell's also Washington royalty, by dint of her marriage to Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan.
Currey created a hospital which managed to be both megastructure in terms of its physical impact and range of activities accommodated, yet at the same time a campus by dint of the way that different medical activities were separated within a series of hospital buildings.
What else might the meeting of painting and technology have produced in the last ten years if not materiality's willful refusal of the void, as well as an almost paradoxical encounter with the abyss by dint of its refusal?
That twinkle comes in a turbo-charged engine that delivers sports saloon performance but wouldn't make much of a dint in Sven's pounds 3m a year salary.