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The room was so very warm, the tobacco so very good, and the fire so very soothing, that Mr Willet by degrees began to doze; but as he had perfectly acquired, by dint of long habit, the art of smoking in his sleep, and as his breathing was pretty much the same, awake or asleep, saving that in the latter case he sometimes experienced a slight difficulty in respiration (such as a carpenter meets with when he is planing and comes to a knot), neither of his companions was aware of the circumstance, until he met with one of these impediments and was obliged to try again.
Even Solomon Daisy himself, by dint of the elevating influences of fire, lights, brandy, and good company, so far recovered as to handle his knife and fork in a highly creditable manner, and to display a capacity both of eating and drinking, such as banished all fear of his having sustained any lasting injury from his fright.
There were some marks in it that might have been dimples, if the material had been softer and the instrument finer, but which, as it was, were only dints.
Several white dints began to come and go about Mr Lammle's nose, as he observed that Mrs Boffin merely looked up from the teapot for a moment with an embarrassed smile, which was no smile, and then looked down again.
He spilled a little of it over the chest which ought to have been so effective, and which had done so little; but on the whole drank it with something of an air, though the coming and going dints got almost as large, the while, as if they had been made by pressure of the teaspoon.
Mrs Thompson's car now has a dint on one side and her window and front wall have caved in.
The work makes clear the generally polar architectonics of Tuttle's works: By dint of both color and position, the brightly hued struts are at odds with one another, and the parallel panels are, in turn, at odds with them, making for a certain tension.
We all know how it turns out, but Iris, by dint of her lively personality, does OK for herself, too, in this handsome but terribly staid production.
Despite the fact that his chosen venue seemed longer on bargirls than conference rooms, Vang had managed to lure reporters from two of the three main newswires--myself and a Reuters guy--by dint of his Web site, a product that was a good deal classier than our hotel.
Woodson draws on the biblical story in which Joseph, a Hebrew boy persecuted by his brothers and sold into slavery in Egypt, eventually becomes second-in-command to the Egyptian Pharaoh by dint of his integrity, leadership skills, and uncanny powers of discernment.
373), when one of the nine was imaged by dint of heavy computer processing.
MEDIA WHORES" tells the tale of Junior, the not-too-bright son of a former President who through dint of campaign cash, connections and spin is thrust into the role of standard bearer of his party and future leader of the free world.