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New from H-E-B, San Antonio, is H-E-B Select Ingredients Bean Dip, which reportedly contains no additives or preservatives.
"DIP has initiated construction of its internal storm water network in the identified areas and targets to finish the same by end of this year.
The governor opened the cattle dip in Siomo, Konoin Constituency, on Wednesday and posted pictures about the same on Facebook and Twitter.
Today's rating on the DIP term loan is being assigned on a "point-in-time" basis and will not be monitored going forward and therefore no outlook is assigned to the rating.
The next advancement in coating technology was to float the coating material on water in the precursor to today's dip tank.
| Above: The Saltburn Animal Rescue Association held its annual sponsored New Year's Day Dip at Saltburn in 2005 | Left: Fundraiser Ron Gordon does the New Year's day dip for the millennium
The mass skinny dip, now in its forth year, is encouraging people to take part to celebrate themselves, life, nature and the changing of the seasons.
DIP, a wholly owned entity of Dubai Investments (DI), is described as a self-contained, mixed-use master community offering a mix of residential, commercial and industrial zones .
DIP offers a range of medium to light industries in aluminium, steel manufacturing, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, textiles, plastics, oil & gas, construction, building materials and contracting sectors.
Dubai Investments Park (DIP) is witnessing huge demand for its labour and staff accommodation facilities amidst the heightened construction activity in the neighbourhood.
Dubai Investments Park (DIP) has announced that its energy-efficient sustainability programme has helped in recycling over 51 million cubic metres of waste water over the last 10 years.
So, in an assertion of culinary pride, the state has tried to stake its claim as the home of a somewhat unlikely dish: cheese dip.