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DIPLOMA. An instrument of writing, executed by, a corporation or society, certifying that a certain person therein named is entitled to a certain distinction therein mentioned.
     2. It is usually, granted by learned institutions to their members, or to persons who have studied in them.
     3. Proof of the seal of a medical institution and of the signatures of its officers thereto affixed, by comparison with the seal and signatures attached to a diploma received by the witness from the same institution, has been held to be competent evidence of the genuineness of the instrument, although the witness never saw the officers write their names. 25 Wend. R. 469.
     4. This word, which is also written duploma, in the civil law, signifies letters issued by a prince. They are so called, it is supposed, a duplicatis tabellis, to which Ovid is thought to allude, 1 Amor. 12, 2, 27, when he says, Tunc ego vos duplices rebus pro nomine sensi Sueton in Augustum, c. 26. Seals also were called Diplomata. Vicat ad verb.

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Once accepted by the NZQA, the new national EN diploma will be managed by CPIT, to ensure schools continue to deliver a consistent standard.
Cidesco has developed the new diplomas, in response to the dynamic growth and development in the beauty and spa industry, it said.
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All courses at the newly-introduced diploma will contain practical, learning by doing delivery methodologies, which will include hands-on teaching and learning, work placement and a course project.
Mirza further pointed out that it is important that students have the relevant knowledge and skills to enable them to advance onto this challenging qualification, and the Foundation Diploma offers just that.
The workshop is offered as a makeup course to those students of MA TEFL who are given admission on the basis of Diploma TEFL from AIOU with 4 Credits/24 Credit Hours or equivalent qualification from other Universities, since the entry requirement for MA TEFL is Diploma TEFL with 5 credits/30 Credit Hours.
The Entrepreneurship Diploma is a strong foundation and we will continue to support the graduates by providing them with the latest tools and knowledge as well as assisting them in strategic decision-making required to steer their business towards success.
As per directives of the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques King Abdullah bin Abdulaziz Al Saud, the minister strongly urged the authorities to scrutinize applications by private health clinics or hospitals to recruit health diploma applicants seeking work in Saudi Arabia and not recommend issuance of work visas to them unless it was proved that no Saudi job-seeker is on the jobless list in the same specialization.
Most recently, in January 2012, the EEOC adopted as policy--quite under the radar--that a high school diploma requirement would constitute discrimination on the basis of national origin under the Civil Rights Act of 1964.
Apart from the diploma, the Bulgarian authorities require an academic curriculum specifying the number of hours on any subject studied.
A Nobel Prize Diploma is the citation handed over to the winners every year on December 10 when they are awarded the most prestigious prize in the world instituted by the Swedish inventor, Alfred Nobel (1833-1896).