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DIPLOMACY., The science which treats of the relations and interests of nations with nations.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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The diplomat and the young man met each other on social media and their relationship quickly took a sexual turn, reported the daily Assabah in its August 31 issue.The judicial police had already followed the usual procedures, arresting and interrogating the young man.
The marriage of the Hindu girl with the son of Pakistani diplomat is being discussed belong to a Hindu extremist family, which is the supporter of the RSS.
For Diplomat, achieving excellence means giving patients their best chance for happier lives--lives with more moments, more milestones, more memories in the making.
Sell-side analysts are expecting Diplomat Pharmacy's loss per share to be near 13 cents on sales of $1.23 billion.
Diplomatic tensions between the United States and Pakistan heightened in April 2018 when a US diplomat Joseph Emmanuel Hall ran a red light in Islamabad, killing a motorcyclist and injuring a passenger.
Flint-MI-based Diplomat Pharmacy is an independent provider of specialty pharmacy and infusion services, helping people with complex and chronic health conditions in all 50 states, partnering with payers, providers, hospitals, manufacturers, and more.
The celebration of International Day of Diplomats was started in Brasilia last year by Indian diplomat Abhay K on October 24.
* Limiting the number of domestic workers that any one diplomat may employ at the same time to help ensure diplomats can afford to pay the promised wages, as well as prohibiting workers' family members from accompanying them, as family members themselves may be subject to exploitation.
After U.S announced that it would implement restrict ban on travel measures on Pakistani diplomats, Pakistan has responded tit for tat and withdrew concessions it had granted to U.
The DAG asserted that the diplomat's name is in the 'black list' according to which he cannot leave the country, however, he added that placing the official's name in the Exit Control List (ECL) is a long process.
The honorable judge lashed out the Islamabad police for acting softly to the diplomat.

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