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Even in times of relative normalcy, diplomats of one country are usually shadowed by intelligence operatives of the host nation.
Minister Ditmir Bushati attended the oath-taking ceremony of the new generation of diplomats "Ismail Qemali" which took place at the Ministry for Europe and Foreign Affairs.
Under the terms of the agreement, Diplomat will pay LDI USD 515m cash and approximately USD 80m in Diplomat common stock.
Bringing on LDI is an even bigger step as Diplomat evolves from a specialty pharmacy provider to a broader health care company," Diplomat chairman and chief executive officer Phil Hagerman stated.
Pursuant the agreement, Diplomat will pay LDI USD515m in cash and approximately USD80m in Diplomat common stock.
Summary: Brasilia [Brazil], October 25 (ANI): The first International Day of Diplomats was celebrated in Brasilia on October 24 with participation from the diplomats of Bangladesh, Brazil, France, Ghana, India, Israel, Italy, Mexico, South Africa and Turkey.
The diplomat was serving in the Indian High Commission (IHC) in Islamabad and had his visa expired some six months ago.
10 July 2016 - 11:50 Iran Pushes for finding abducted Iranian diplomats Iranian Envoy: Liberation of Iranian Abducted Diplomats Is a National Demand He made the remarks in a meeting with the Lebanese Parliament Speaker Nabih Berri at the presence of Maryam Mojtahed Zadeh Larijani the wife of Iran's abducted charge de affair in Lebanon.
According to the Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations, 1961, the immunity enjoyed by a diplomat posted in the embassy is "inviolable".
Sources said India will also ask Saudi Arabia to consider lifting the diplomatic immunity for the accused diplomat if the need arises.
The Diplomat Business Club provides a forum that brings together diplomats and business leaders to explore ways of collaboration.
LONDON, March 7 (KUNA) -- Dean of Diplomatic Corps, Kuwaiti Ambassador in London Khaled Al-Duwaisan has been offered the 3rd Annual Grassroot Diplomat Initiative Award.

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