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And Bashti's withered ancient hand, the back of it netted with a complex of large up-standing veins from which the flesh had shrunk away, dipped out a huge pistol of such remote vintage that one of Cromwell's round- heads might well have carried it or that it might well have voyaged with Quiros or La Perouse.
Rams and fat sheep should be helped through the bath, with lambs dipped separately from the ewes.
Clearly the package has been dipped to an excessive depth in the paste dip unit.
MARIE TURBILL takes a look at the long and the short of one of this summer's fashion favourites, the dipped hem.
1 : to lower or push briefly into a liquid to wet or coat <He dipped a chip in the salsa.
In one incident, very small quantities of cypermethrin dip used to wash out a lorry that carried dipped sheep poisoned more than 15km of river life in West Wales.