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Safety is also crucial: as well as wearing protective clothing, and washing all exposed skin, farmers should avoid smoking eating or drinking while dipping, she said.
Movement of the component on pickup nozzle during dipping.
With no established dipping habit in crisps and snacks, Doritos is faced with the challenge of educating consumers and breaking longheld habits.
These dips are not just for dipping and the new packs carry details of how to make more out of them.
At this time of year, many farmers are dipping flocks to protect against sheep scab, but the chemicals can pollute water supplies and harm aquatic life.
FARMERS in the Bala area are to be given advice on how to prevent sheep dipping practices from polluting nearby rivers.
Their crisp and delicious original tortilla chips are shaped to really take a good dipping and make a healthy alternative to crisps.
Sliced french bread, crackers OR fresh vegetables, for dipping
He says the process was developed as an alternative to the dipping process developed by Cubic Printing of Japan and licensed to others for about 20 years.
Some of those concerns relate to the storage of sheep dip concentrate, dipping baths and the drainage pen area accommodating the sheep immediately after being dipped.
Chlorpyrifos samples were taken from the dogs' fur before and after dipping by rubbing the animals with cotton gloves.
assuming you stop ripping and dipping after only a quarter of the ring.