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To boost your nutrient intake, consider enjoying your dip with raw veggies and your crackers with calcium-rich cheese.
"At first, I wanted to make something specifically for seafood so I can call it ocean dip," Taponan reveals.
Combine BLT Dip Mix with 1 cup sour cream and 1 cup mayonnaise.
Chicago-based market researcher Mintel shows in its May 2016 "Sweet & Savoury Spreads" Category Insight that 30 percent of Americans who buy chips or dips agree that "no artificial ingredients" is an important nutritional attribute.
Keywords: Prospective teachers' dispositions of instructional planning and strategies (DIPS).
The Mintel "Chips and Dips US" report makes it clear that one top consumer desire is flavor.
The governor opened the cattle dip in Siomo, Konoin Constituency, on Wednesday and posted pictures about the same on Facebook and Twitter.
As the industry has evolved, dips have appeared to evolve.
Veteran fundraiser Ron Gordon from Marton is a regular at the Redcar New Year's Day dips, gathering together a group to join him in the icy waters.
So, in an assertion of culinary pride, the state has tried to stake its claim as the home of a somewhat unlikely dish: cheese dip.
HELUVA GOOD!, AN HP HOOD BRAND, has made it easier for snackers to dip into Greek yogurt.
Lamb Weston recommends a generous portion of Potato Dippers for a two-person starter, with three dips combination.