direct affairs

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YOU STUN OF A GUN Aron Gunarsson (centre) runs to celebrate the Cardiff opener, while Gabbidon and Young direct affairs
Direct affairs of the company for the benefit of shareholders.
Today, the situation has changed and it is necessary to direct affairs using the intellect rather than weapons as it used to be.
He used all his experience to direct affairs at the back and Town were able to keep the league's leading scorer Marc Lloyd-Williams extremely quiet.
Hooker Paul Rowley, Clinch and Holroyd will direct affairs for Halifax; Bradford's play-calling duties are on the shoulders of James Lowes, Paul Deacon and David Boyle.
Chairman Mr Nick Scheele normally keeps his head down on issues outside the direct affairs of the Coventry-based company.
Comic veteran Russ Abbott, left, lets the manic Scotsman direct affairs as he has some fun at the expensive of TV's Cracker and Pride And Prejudice.
He refused himself from Texas Commerce's direct affairs, but nevertheless was dramatically involved--as a Treasury secretary would be--in general banking matters, including testifying in favor of legislation that made interstate banking mergers easier.